SuperSolid Plus

SuperSolid Plus is an EPA registered liquid medical waste treatment that combines all the safety benefits of our original SafeSorb solidifier with a powerful Treatment Technology, to even further reduce risk of exposure to dangerous bloodborne pathogens.

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SuperSolid Plus White Bag


SafeSorb is a fluid solidifier which is designed to be pre-loaded in an empty suction canister before the procedure starts. This allows healthcare personnel to solidify waste without compromising the integrity of the closed-suction system, for increased safety, convenience and accuracy.

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SafeSorb Red Bag

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER - Blood is the lifeblood for this veteran-owned North Phila. manufacturer expecting big growth.

DiSorb Systems Inc. is a veteran- owned company of 18 employees at 18th Street and West Indiana Avenue that makes products that solidify and disinfect... [...]


Veteran-owned company completes $1.5M expansion project in Philly - Philadelphia Business Journal.

DiSorb Systems Inc., a medical manufacturing company, completed a $1.5 million improvement project of its 75,000-square-foot production... [...]


DiSorb Systems is Awarded its DAPA # SP0200-16-H-0022 (Distribution and Pricing Agreement) from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

A Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA), issued by DLA Troop Support’s Medical Supply, establishes both the selling price of a... [...]


SafeSorb canister on its side

DiSorb manufactures innovative waste management products.

DiSorb Systems, Inc. is a Philadelphia, PA based manufacturing company focused on developing medical waste management products and liquid solidifiers for the healthcare industry. DiSorb Systems' successful record of consistently manufacturing premier products at the highest standard is testimony to its focus on safety, attention to detail and stringent quality control standards.